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Sahar brings valuable tutoring experience to her role at IMT, specifically working with students in grades K-10. She finds immense satisfaction in being able to assist students with their academic needs and guide them towards success. Sahar believes that tutoring not only benefits the students but also helps her grow both personally and professionally.

Working at IMT allows Sahar to support students in a wide range of subjects, providing them with the assistance they need to excel academically. She values the opportunity to establish long-lasting bonds with her students, understanding that a strong connection and rapport can greatly enhance the learning experience.

Sahar approaches each tutoring session with enthusiasm, always excited to meet new students and help them overcome challenges. She is dedicated to creating a positive and supportive learning environment, where students feel comfortable to ask questions and actively engage in their educational journey.

Sahar is eager to meet you and your family, and she looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to your child's academic growth.

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