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Parent Reviews

"I think that the way you have everything setup with multiple tutors, opportunities, secure location, and your passion for helping children is wonderful. Muna has absolutely been a wonderful tutor and Sadie has come a long way. I honestly believe without tutoring Sadie would have failed math for this year."

Rachel Tushek

Carmen Hopkins

"We loved how easy it was to sign Mia up and how fast she could get started working with a tutor!"

Kristen Jones

"My child gained a lot of confidence for TCAP and did much better than last year. Thank you IMT."

Tracey Cooper

"Loving and self-esteem building environment! Very happy for the extra support in math for our 5th grader!"
"I don’t know what we would have done without IMT. I called Inaara when my son was in the 8th grade in a sheer panic. She not only calmed me down (multiple times throughout the school year), but I tell everyone that asks for tutoring recommendations that she is the reason he passed that year. She may regret it, but she is stuck with us until he graduates high school. Absolutely the best!!"

Ashley Tomlinson

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